What are the best restaurants in Brussels?

eMarketingServices.eu | July 23rd, 2009 - 12 h 38 min

What are the best restaurants in Brussels? What is the fine fleur of the gastronomy in the Capitale of Europe? The famous Guide Michelin 2009 gives us some precious indications about the best places to eat in Brussels.

Best Restaurants in Brussels

The  Guide Michelin 2009 – a renown French guide dedicated to European hotels and restaurants – selected among 1,500 restaurants in Brussels the best restaurants in Brussels.

Two-Stars Restaurants in Brussels

The two-stars restaurants in Brussels are the following ones:


Best Restaurants in Belgium

To note:  Regarding the best restaurants in Belgium,  there are a total of 2 three-stars restaurants (essentialy in Flanders) and a total of 10 two-stars restaurants in Belgium.