Show Brazil, The Brazilian Restaurant to go in Brussels | August 12th, 2009 - 12 h 15 min

Show Brazil is an authentic Brazilian restaurant in Brussels with unique dinner shows. Enjoy eating real Brazilian dishes while watching dancers from the Brazil do the show for you!

A Brazilian Restaurant in Brussels

Brussels is not only the Capital of Europe, it is also a wonderful city for someone who wants to enjoy the delights of gastronomy and exotic shows.

Traditional Brazilian Dishes

Show Brazil is a unique Brazilian restaurant where you have traditional Brazilian dishes and meat grilled over a wood fire  served at your table. Needless to say, the Argentina beef is delicious. You have to taste it once in your life!

Spectacular Diner Shows

Show Brazil is a place to party on a furious Brazilian tempa while dancers from Brazil will introduce you with any type of Samba:

  • Samba Pagode
  • Samba Axé
  • Samba Reggae
  • Samba-rock
  • Samba de roda

Let’s enjoy also the capoeira aeo vivo!

Show Brazil - Brasilian Restaurant in Brussels

Show Brazil - Brasilian Restaurant in Brussels