Find easily a Restaurant or Bar in Europe | October 28th, 2009 - 18 h 50 min

Think about going out tonight? Then, you should try, the first ever search engine dedicated to restaurants and bars in France and in Belgium!, a Search Engine dedicated to Restaurants and Bars

A semantic Search Engine is a semantic search engine allowing you to quickly find the restaurant or bar of your dreams in Europe. In fact, the algorithm analyses in real time the meaning of searched terms and give instantly the user direct access to the relevant information.

A vertical Search Engine actually follows the new trend of vertical search through allowing the user to perform a refined search in a targeted area  – unlike the general horizontal search engines like, or

A user-friendly Search Engine improves and enriches its database continuously. For the gourmet, it not only saves time but it is also a real gain in terms of quality. - Page d'accueil - Homepage Originality and Effectiveness

Giving comprehensive Results

One of the major benefit of this search engine is that not only that it includes a comprehensive database of the best restaurants and bars in France and in Belgium, but it also presents results in very user-friendly way with detailed descriptions illustrated with high-quality pictures and videos! Incidentally, if you see that a restaurant, bar or catering service has been forgotten, you can easily add it now on

A video presentation of restaurants and bars

Indeed, one of the major problem of booking such service is often the difficulty to feeling the atmosphere. Adding a short video (about 15 seconds) solves this problem and make your choice easier.

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